Labour Law

A Quota System for Foreign Nationals Working in South Africa

At a glance, South Africa’s Labour and Employment Laws can be confusing to truly comprehend, causing several legal disputes regarding workplace policies, contractual obligations, and what is considered to fair and unfair between employer and employee. Recent amendments only add to the progressive and liberal nature of our Labour and Employment Laws, with a new

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Labour Law in South Africa: Derivative Misconduct

Labour and Employment Law in South Africa can easily be considered as some of the most progressive and liberal in the world, with recent additions seeing a ban in specific behaviour towards fellow employees that include passive-aggressiveness, gossip, and eye-rolling. Today, the topic is derivative misconduct – an essential part of workplace conduct that could

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Uncertain Times for South African Employees

Uncertain Times for South African Employees With a record-setting percentage of unemployed South Africans at the end of Q4 2021, we live in uncertain times in South Africa regarding job security and compliance to newly implemented COVID-19 regulations in the workplace. There are several legal disputes that pop up as a result of the newly

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