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Do You Qualify for: No Win, No fee?*

We act on behalf of employers, contractors, subcontractors, and clients in construction disputes (arbitrations, adjudications and litigation), both nationally and internationally, on a “no win no fee” principle, subject to qualifying criteria to be determined during an assessment consult charged at R2 500.00 (exclusive). This cost shall include consideration of documentation in preparation for the consultation, as well as the consultation itself, the latter of which is usually not shorter than 60 minutes.

Please contact us today for an assessment consultation. We will conduct an analysis of the merits of your case to determine if you qualify.

Contractors and subcontractors:

Contractors and subcontractors continue to feel the pinch of the current economic climate when amounts due to them are not paid on time or at all. This can create dire circumstances where contractors/subcontractors are left out of pocket which often results in smaller companies going into business rescue or having to declare bankruptcy, often resulting in many job losses.

We can ease the financial stress by offering our legal professional services (dispute resolution mechanisms and litigation) on a “no win no fee” basis. See our excellent track record of success. Contact us today for a consultation.

Clients/ Employers

We also offer a unique and innovative service to clients and employers who contract with contractors and who are subject to unrealistic claims and/or disputes. You too may be eligible for our “no win no fee”* services where we do not charge you a fee for defending you in this type of dispute resolution/litigation but rather take an agreed percentage of the savings achieved through our efforts at arbitration/adjudication.

Call us today to see If you qualify for this unique service.

* subject to qualification and terms and conditions.

We also offer retainer and ad hoc services that include but are not limited to pre-contract advice, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution processes in all aspects of construction and engineering disputes.

Allardyce & Partners works in conjunction with Aurora Construction and Engineering Claims Consultants SA (Pty) Ltd which consists of a network of qualified and experienced experts headed by Franco Germani, a qualified Quantity Surveyor with over 34 years of experience in managing construction projects and claims/disputes.

Our Construction and Engineering Law Services Include:

  • “No Win, No Fee” (subject to our terms and conditions) basis for arbitrations and/or litigation for dispute claims/defence and/or damages;
  • Pre-contract services;
  • Post-award services;
  • Dispute resolution services including representation in all forums including mediation, and DAB’s/DRB’s;
  • Compliance with Construction Industry Development Board Act and Regulations;
  • Best Practice regulations and the 4 preferred forms of contract suites:
    • NEC3 family of standard contracts
    • FIDIC
    • General Conditions for Construction works
    • JBCC series 2000
  • Delays, Variations, discrepancies;
  • Bill of quantities;
  • Disputes about bills of quantities:
  • Breach of contracts;
  • Penalty clauses;
  • Occupational Health & Safety issues;
  • Insurance law issues;
  • Employment law issues, etc.

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