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BY HILDA GROBLER JULY 9, 2020 The Labour Court recently handed down a judgment that reads a little like a novel. The facts in Centre for Autism Research and Education CC v CCMA (JR 1619/2018, handed down on 19 June 2020) per Van Niekerk J, were briefly that Ms Rozanna Riback (“Riback”),  the sole member

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Do you have to be consulted before being retrenched?

This it would seem to be an obvious right however employees should be cautioned that this right may not necessarily mean that the employee needs to be personally consulted with before been retrenched. AMCU launched an application for the reinstatement of some of its members who were retrenched following a retrenchment agreement that was concluded

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Legal Help for Unfair Dismissal

Did You Know Legal Help for Unfair Dismissals Is Available? Have you been dismissed? Did you know that you can get legal help for unfair dismissal issues in South Africa? Even though you cannot have legal representation at the conciliation stage, if the issue is referred to the CCMA, you are allowed such at the

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Restraint of Trade (What You Need to Know)

What You Need to Know About Restraint of Trade Agreements in South Africa Restraint of trade is enforceable in South Africa unless it is contrary to public policy and the terms are unreasonable. The employer can include a restraint of trade clause in the employment contract to protect their propriety interests, such as trade secrets,

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Construction Law Advice

Why You Need Advice Regarding Construction Law and Agreements in South Africa Whether you are the contractor, sub-contractor, or commissioning client, having a construction agreement in place is vital for the management of your relationship with the other party. Terms and conditions of service delivery, payment dates, and clauses for non-performance are elements of the

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