South African Law

Construction Disputes

The construction law in South Africa can be confusing and misleading at times, leading to clients and project managers taking advantage of such a system against contractors and sub-contractors.

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Construction Law Attorney

Construction Law Attorneys in South Africa The industry of construction in South Africa faces a couple of challenges, especially regarding Construction and Contract Law. An increasing trend is developing among project managers and people who hire contractors and sub-contractors and not pay what is due to them. As a result, contractors are left with less

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Feasible Alternative Dispute Resolutions Arbitration and mediation are both ways to settle a legal dispute without the need to take matters to court. Both methods are sought after to avoid costly legal fees when dealing with disputes between 2 parties. With court-annexed mediation being introduced in South Africa at the end of 2014, the mediation

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Construction Law South Africa

Experts in Construction Law in South Africa Construction is part of the industrial sector in South Africa, with many contractors and sub-contractors in this arena. Project managers are in charge of hiring contractors, on a contractual basis, to work construction projects on-site. With many variables coming into play regarding the contract between the project manager

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