Do you have to be consulted before being retrenched?

This it would seem to be an obvious right however employees should be cautioned that this right may not necessarily mean that the employee needs to be personally consulted with before been retrenched. AMCU launched an application for the reinstatement of some of its members who were retrenched following a retrenchment agreement that was concluded

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What can we take away from the EOH Abantu LAC judgment?

Let me disclose from the onset that I acted on behalf of Mr Danney. These are my thoughts. The LAC concluded that there is no requirement that competent verdicts on disciplinary charges should be mentioned in the charge sheet. Furthermore the court determined that the former employee was negligent and therefore dismissal was appropriate in

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Construction Law Attorney

Construction Law is a branch of law that specifically focuses on these elements. If you are in the industry and in need of a qualified attorney that can plea your case, Allardyce & Partners Attorneys can be of service.

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Labour Law Attorneys

Labour Law Regarding Leave Types in South Africa As an employer, you must comply with the requirements of the labour laws of South Africa, including the Basic Conditions of Employment Act regulations regarding leave. We strongly recommend seeking legal advice from experienced labour law attorneys when drafting your company’s leave policies to ensure compliance with

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Labour Lawyers No Win No Fee

Labour Law Guidance Regarding Maternity Leave Rights in South Africa As a female employee, you have the right to maternity leave. This also applies if you are a domestic worker. However, ignorance of your rights to maternity leave or the fear of losing your job if you ask for days off may mean getting dismissed

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Ask a Labour Attorney

The Top 5 Questions to Ask a Labour Attorney Do you have questions that you want to ask a labour attorney? Not sure where to turn or who to ask? When there is an employment law dispute, the stakes are often high and because labour law can be quite complex – especially for those who

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