Construction Law South Africa

Construction Law Specialists in South Africa

Construction law in South Africa is flexible and sometimes left to interpretation if you are not a specialist in this arena. Obligations and rights regularly evolve and change in this specific arena. Construction law bases itself on contractual principles of rights and duties of the contracting parties. These can include subjects such as injury or death due to accidents or negligence at construction sites. Since many contracts in construction law are based on global laws, these matters can’t be considered in complete isolation. International standards and regulations would apply in such an instance.

With the trending issue of clients/project managers being unfair towards contractors/sub-contractors regarding payment or other stipulations set out in the contractual agreement between the 2 parties, it becomes nearly impossible for contractors to take legal action. We offer a solution that gives the contractor a viable option to take legal action without the worries of legal fees if they lose the dispute. We offer our legal services on a “No win, no fee” principle, subject to our terms and conditions. As a result, your business can step up and enter a legal dispute when unjust actions occurred.

Our boutique firm offers specialists in construction and contract law. With a specialist on your side that offers retainer and other ad hoc legal services, your business will be in good hands when a legal dispute arises. Litigations see such a dispute taken to a court of law, while arbitrations avoid going to court, but require mediators to reach a settlement between the 2 parties. Our specialist attorneys can guide you through these troubled waters to ensure that your business gets a fair and lawful result from legal disputes in the construction and contract law arena.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your boutique firm that specialises in construction and contract law in South Africa. If you are in a situation where our services can assist your business, please contact us on 011 234 2125 or email us on and let our specialists get to work on your dispute.

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