Construction Law Attorney

Construction Law Attorneys

South Africa’s construction and contract law arenas can be very tricky to navigate without a professional by your side. A common trend in this country sees clients/project managers not paying what is due to contractors/sub-contractors. Our boutique firm offers specialist construction law attorneys to legally represent parties that have fallen victim to this trend. We can assist in litigations and arbitrations to ensure that you get a fair and just outcome. Therefore, if you find yourself in a legal dispute, we have your back.

When a contractor/sub-contractor is hired for a specific project, it takes resources and a workforce for that contractor to execute the job at hand. They have expenses as well to provide the necessary construction materials and pay the workforce accordingly. When the contractor is underpaid, such expenses fall on their shoulders. As a result, the contractor doesn’t turn a profit on the project, and loses money instead. This could lead to job losses for the contractor’s workforce, and even bankruptcy. In the end, the contractor does not have the money for legal fees to take the client to court and settle such a legal dispute.

We offer a feasible solution for contractors/sub-contractors that find themselves in such a hopeless situation. Having specialist construction law attorneys on your side will give you the edge through litigations and arbitrations to reach a settlement. We offer our legal services on a “No win, no fee” principle, subject to our terms and conditions, to give you the opportunity to settle a legal dispute without the fear of paying any legal fees if you lose. Therefore, you can be assured that we will deliver our best legal services and advice to you.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your first choice if you need a construction and contract law specialist on your side. For more info on our services and how we can assist in legal disputes, please peruse our website, or contact us directly on 011 234 2125 or email us on Let us be the sword of justice that fights for your cause when you fall victim to foul play.

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