Labour Law Specialists

Labour Law Specialists in South Africa

The labour law in South Africa has some of the most liberal and progressive laws for employers and employees. Therefore, these laws are constantly misinterpreted as employers and employees struggle to keep up with it all. These laws can also be difficult to comprehend as to how it applies to both ends, whether in the public or private sector. Luckily, we are registered as specialised labour lawyers with the Law Society. If you earn a monthly salary of R20 000 or more, we can offer our legal services on a “no win, no fee” contingency, which is subject to our terms and conditions.

Employment contracts are seldom completely legal, as most employers in South Africa take advantage of their employees. If you are an employer, we can offer our legal advice on such contracts to ensure that you won’t face any legal action based on the contents of the contract. We can also draw up such contracts, as well as restraints of trade or confidentiality agreements between 2 parties. As an employer in South Africa, it is very difficult to adhere to every single labour law. Therefore, having a specialist at your side will always work to the benefit of your business.

As an employee, the first challenge is to find an appropriate job in this country. Good jobs are very scarce and hard to come by. Once you are employed, you have certain rights as an employee. If you feel like you have been treated unfairly through labour practice, or have been unfairly dismissed from your post, we can assist you in such disputes. Many people in these positions do not have the money to pay for legal fees, which is why many people do not pursue any legal action. With our “No win, no fee” principle, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys offers specialists in labour and employment law in South Africa. Whether you are an employer or employee, our legal services can assist you through difficult legal disputes. We can also offer legal advice to guide you on unclear matters in this arena. Please contact us on 011 234 2125 or email us on today.

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