“I received a notice of retrenchment on the 18th of May with the consultation scheduled for the 23rd of May. My former employer had retrenched over 20 people in the last year and they all received one consultation in which they were given ”a voluntary agreement” and 1 month’s notice starting from the day of the consultation. Considering this fact, I knew that a similar fate awaited me and that May would be my last month.

Having 3 young children, I was filled with the fear of sudden unemployment. I started searching the net for labour law attorneys. I had not heard of Allardyce before and I believe God led me to Leigh. After my first consultation with Leigh, I gained confidence and had faith that she was capable of assisting me and she did! My employer was forced to conduct a procedurally fair retrenchment and Leigh negotiated a very fair package for me.”

Sindi Kubayi (August 2023)

“Thank you, Leigh, for your help, support, and guidance through one of my life’s most difficult and challenging times. Your commitment, expertise, hard work, encouragement, and honesty shine bright and true against a world of people and companies that are quick to say one thing and then choose not to deliver on what they promised they would. I fully recommend you and your team to anyone facing difficulty with their employer, to anyone needing a fantastic lawyer in their corner. I am sad about the circumstances leading to our meeting, but forever grateful to have had you on my side.  Roxanne Stiglingh (June 2023)”

Roxanne Stiglingh (June 2023)

“To all the staff that were part of this whole issue we wish to express our sincere thanks for everything you did in a professional manner.  We have to single out Leigh who was the captain of this ship who took us through many physical and mental storms and brought us safe to shore. Thank you Leigh for believing in us. Theo Rossouw (June 2023)”


Theo Rossouw (June 2023)

I write this testimonial with respect to work done by the law firm Allardyce and Partners, located in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. The firm is one specialising in labour and commercial law matters. I contracted the firm’s services towards the resolution of a labour law case in my personal capacity as applicant/plaintiff; a matter in which the respondent was a very large public sector entity. The services I received on the part of Allardyce and Partners were nothing short of striking. I do not use such parlance and adjectives loosely, nor without cause. This is a claim that can be unpacked in rigorous detail; however, I shall rather attempt to underscore this assertion concisely below.

From the very first point of contact with Mrs Leigh Allardyce (partner and attorney at law), it was evident that a high level of professionalism and legal capability met a confluence of care and humanism. Ergo, I committed entirely to the use of Allardyce and Partners’ services from the initial interaction. This commitment paid significant dividends as we traversed challenging and often complicated legal positionings against the opposition’s corporate level representatives who attempted to employ mere financial capital abuses and subjugating techniques against us. Allardyce and Partners retained an unwavering and unquestionably efficacious approach to their work, despite the nonsensical intimidation from the opposition. Perhaps it is pertinent here to state that a settlement was forced, an outcome that took place against the opposition’s initial desires to take the matter to higher and higher courts. This settlement occurred purely due to the monumental efforts of the firm I contracted – Allardyce and Partners.

I worked with this firm at a time when I faced dread disease, an inability to work towards sustaining a financial income, and mounting legal and medical fees. Despite these matters of existential angst on my part, the firm showed significant sensitivity, empathy, and decency. Their legal prowess is perhaps equal to their ethical standing and moral fortitude. I respect this firm and will always hold in high regard their exceptional efforts on my behalf. I write these postulations without fear or favour; rather, I commend excellence in a world where it often appears to be vacant. Allardyce and Partners exude excellence on every level. This small firm is indeed a powerhouse and one that comes in small packages but makes massive differences.

My supreme commendations to Leigh Allardyce, Kevin Allardyce, Meekness Ndlovu, Evana Rhodes, Precious Ndlovu – wonderful work all-round.

Dr Sean Michael Smith
Managing Director – Psychonomics (Pty) Ltd
“Leigh and her team has helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. They have been professional and helpful during the whole process. I would highly recommend this team to help you with any labour related matters. Thank you, Leigh.
Chané Carstensen
Dear Leigh I would like to share my sincere gratitude with you for the work you have done on my behalf in resolving this matter with Wits. The committed, expert, and compassionate manner in which you dealt with the complicated issues arising from my employment history has resulted in an outcome which I did not think would be possible, especially given the way that Wits tried to handle the case at the outset. Furthermore, your unwavering negotiation at the hearing yesterday has resulted in a settlement agreement which I feel will hold Wits to account in the coming months. Sincerely
Dr Peter Cartwright
I would highly recommend Allardyce & Partners Attorneys as an excellent attorney and strong yet practical advocate which use the latest technology over the competitors. Without a good lawyer, you are at a competitive disadvantage in the system. I am extremely grateful for all your help and bearing with me through difficult times and to express my most sincere thanks for the most professional representation. You have been on my side through the years in dealing with this very stressful case, I admire your calmness, truthful, honest and most of all representation. I hope our relationship will continue without fail to be on my side in difficult times, once again Thank You Very Much, May God Bless You All! Yours Sincerely
Elsie Sithebe

“We wish to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to you and your team for your professional and personal assistance during the case.
Your invaluable help and the support and understanding that you showed us during this trying time was so appreciated. Your words of encouragement and professional guidance to get us to the point where we were able to get a settlement was amazing and helped to relieve so much of the anxiety we were feeling at the time.
We would recommend you and your team without a question to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.
All that remains is to thank you for everything and wish you the very best for the future during these unprecedented times”

My experience with Allardyce & Partners has been bitter sweet. Anytime you require the types of services they provide, something isn’t right and you are in for a stressful time. From the word go, Kevin, Leigh and the team have been professional and more than supportive in every way possible. Not only do they possess the knowledge (buckets full) to handle your case effectively, more than this, they have an actual empathy for the position you are in. They 100% care about their client’s well being. You just cannot put a price on the support and calm they bring to the table. No question is too ignorant and they will take the time to lay bare all of the complicated legal terms that send us into a panic. I could write an essay praising them as I will be forever indebted to them, I just cannot thank them enough. If anyone wants to know more about my case, you are welcome to ask them for my contact number and get in touch.”
Tyrone McDuling
“There are times in most people’s career when things do not go too well with a specific employer. It is incredibly stressful, and you feel very alone as in individual fighting against a company. Unfortunately, I recently found myself in one of those situations. Now to the good news: I found Allardyce & Partners! Kevin, Leigh and the entire staff were so friendly, they immediately made me feel like I had a team in my corner – fighting for me. But friendliness is not all – they were incredibly professional and won the battle in my favour in next to no time! I recommend them to anyone who needs support when they are vulnerable in the work environment.”
“ I used the services of Allardyce and Partners on the recommendation of a family member and I was very happy with their professionalism and the quality of their advice and service. I have already recommended the company to other friends.”
Peter Leopold
“From the moment I walked into the offices at Allardyce & Partners I knew I had made the right decision in going to them. I was welcomed warmly by Precious and Leigh listened to my case attentively and did not once make me feel “stupid” for approaching them. Leigh committed that one mail to my company would suffice as a suitable case for us as she had faith in what I had told her, she was supportive all the way and nothing was ever too much for her and her team. I am currently 7 months pregnant and Leigh took all the stress of what I was going through off my shoulders and I am forever grateful for that. I can now continue with my pregnancy and maternity without the stress of finances as I received what Leigh had set out to get for me as a settlement. I am grateful to Allardyce & Partners for everything and wish them all that is well in their efforts on a daily. God bless you and your team.”
Donne Anyster
“When I first engaged Allardyce and Partners I was not sure how to approach my problem and I had found them on the web. From the first meeting I was impressed with the professional approach and the quality of the advice that I received. The fact that Allardyce was prepared to engage “on Risk”, after due discussion and consideration, was very important to me as it gave me a feeling that they believed in my cause, so to speak. Throughout the two year process I found Kevin to be very competent and professional. He was always engaging me on issues that bothered him and asking we to give him more insight or an opinion. Our case was well presented and represented at the CCMA and we were able to reach a satisfactory result. I would have no hesitation in recommending Allardyce and Partners.”
John Jenkins
Former Director of Business Connection
“Dear Leigh, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance through my ordeal. I was struggling for 18 months with unfair labour practice, and Leigh came to my rescue and turned the matter in my favour in 3 months’ time. Was it not for you I would never had the courage to go through with it. When I wanted to throw in the towel, you were strong and your perseverance and dedication pulled me through. I just can’t thank you enough. Many colleagues told me I am wasting my time, as our employer (GDE) usually gets away with unfair actions, but with Allardyce and Partners on my side, they did not get away with it, and justice prevailed. May God bless you and your company in abundance.”
Ronelle Van Rensburg
“I would like to thank the entire team for all your hard work, patience and dedication. You are absolute professionals and I was thrilled with the positive outcome that you achieved. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone.”
Danika Van Maastricht
“Allardyce & Partners has done an exceptional job from the beginning to the end, with the end result in my personal capacity being cleared of all wrong doings by a company whom where biased during their internal processes. Thank you to Allardyce & Partners whom accepted my case and managed the entire process in a professional manner with a positive end result.”
Shane Engel
“I would just like to take a moment in all the chaos to Thank you, Leigh. You have been our Champion and our warrior in this awful war between good and evil. I am so grateful and privileged to have you as my lawyer. I am so sorry for bringing such an awful person into your life but at the same time so grateful to you for helping me get her out of mine. The work you have done is excellent and absolutely exceptional and you are really giving her a run for her money. I have worked for her for 3 years and in those 3 years I saw other people try and take her down legally and every single person failed. But with you by my side and by Rudi’s side, I feel we have a chance. Thank you for being so strong and so wise. Thank you for earning all the years of experience you have and thank you for allowing me and Rudi to benefit from your wealth of knowledge and hard work… you have done an excellent job! You rock and I am so grateful to you… many thanks.”
Karin van der Walt
“Mr. Kevin Allardyce and Leigh Allardyce of Allardyce & Partners have acted on instruction by me in my capacity as Director of Resultant Finance (Pty) Ltd in a labour matter which was before the CCMA, as well as the Labour Court and are now assisting with contractual arrangements with the Department of Health (KwaZulu-Natal). The instructions have related to Labour matters and legal advice in respect of the Public Finance Management Act, Treasury Regulations issued in terms of the PFMA, KwaZulu–Natal Supply Chain Management Policy, Supply Chain Management Delegations of Authority, and the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act. The partners are suitably qualified and experienced and have acted professionally and diligently at all times.”
Dr Mdu Gama
“Leigh and Kevin are a dynamic duo who are incredible, trustworthy and passionate attorneys. Retrenchments are “no-fault” dismissals, but if you have ever been through a retrenchment process, you generally go through all the emotions of stress, despair, anger and sometimes victimisation. With these emotions, it is near impossible to act logically and professionally. In fact, you generally feel completely like you are at fault, as employers don’t make you feel like it is a “no-fault” process. Leigh represented an entire division that I headed up and reminded me and my team that it is perfectly within our constitutional right to seek legal counsel, something one also tends to forget through this process. Leigh was compassionate and caring and defended our rights vehemently thus ensuring that we all received maximum compensation. I would advise anyone who is going through this torrid experience to entrust Allardyce & Partners to protect your rights. The last thing you need to worry about is the legalities, their professionalism allows you to focus on a new beginning knowing they will take care of the rest. I’m forever grateful to both Leigh and Kevin.”
Shirley Le Roux
“If not for Allardyce and Partners, I would not have won my Constructive Dismissal case. From in-depth discussions to representing me at the CCMA with a fierce confidence, Leigh has taken my stress, only to replace it with courage. Your professionalism and efficiency astounded me. Your calm inspired me. You allowed for my voice to be heard. Leigh Allardyce is the catalyst that put my own professional nightmare to an end, and for that, I thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Rudi Jansen Van Vuuren
“Again I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your patience, support and most of all your friendly yet super professional assistance. I feel it was time and money well spent and was lovely to meet you.”
Brian Durrant
“I would like to give a reference to you and your company that took my CCMA case August 2013. I did not doubt for one second that you are excellent and that you gave more than 100% to win my case, which was complicated by my previous employer. Also that I appreciate it that you and your team never gave up when things turned around when my previous employer requested a “review” on the months which the commissioner rewarded me. Until today you still fight for me because you believed in me and that all was fair during the arbitration. I felt like I matter to you and that fairness was all you were fighting for from day one. I will any time refer you to friends, family or colleagues if they are treated unfairly if they need an attorney. I appreciate everything you are doing for me. Personally, I don’t think there are many attorneys that would have done so much for my case.”
Lynn Jacobsz
“I was unfairly dismissed by a company I worked for over 5 years. I contacted Allardyce & Partners to assist with my case and immediately they got the ball rolling. It was a difficult case, yet with a lot of detail and took over two days to complete to final Judgement. The determination of Allardyce & Partners, I won the case against my former employer. In essence, I was impressed with the fact that they really care about the wellbeing of their clients. I was in good hands and always felt that the decision to go with Allardyce & Partners was the best decision I could have made for my case. The “no win no fee” was really attractive and I didn’t have any excuses not to continue, as it did not cost me a cent. I will surely recommend Allardyce & Partners to all my friends and family that will require such legal services in the future.”
Liesel Nel
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