Construction Law South Africa

Specialist Legal Assistance in Construction Law

Construction and Contract Law in South Africa is a tricky arena in which it can be very challenging to completely understand what is expected from the client/project manager and the contractor/sub-contractor respectively. Therefore, there is an increasing trend where clients/project managers would underpay contractors/sub-contractors in accordance to their contractual agreement for specific projects. These matters usually end up as legal disputes, where a specialist lawyer can make a world of difference for a contractor/sub-contractor. We offer our expertise in these matters on a “No win, no fee” basis that is contingent to our terms and conditions, which would become available to you upon application.

We are a boutique law firm, offering specialist attorneys, litigators, and construction professionals to ensure that your legal dispute is handled by an expert in this arena. We litigate on behalf of contractors/sub-contractors, giving your business the opportunity to take legal action against a client/project manager when they are in the wrong. With our “No win, no fee” contingency in mind, you can expect the very best from our specialists during such a legal dispute. This contingency also makes such actions financially possible without the risk of shutting down if you lose.

Contractors/sub-contractors are responsible for an entire workforce regarding payment and employment. Our services go beyond legal litigation for these businesses. We can assist with contract breaches, penalty clauses, insurance law issues, and any delays, variations, or discrepancies to ensure that the agreement between the client/project manager and the contractor/sub-contractor complies with the Construction Industry Development Board Act and its regulations. Therefore, you will be covered when something goes wrong onsite, or when the client/project manager wants to get creative with their contractual obligations.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your boutique firm that offers specialists in Construction and Contract Law. If you are a contractor/sub-contractor in need of some legal assistance, please contact us on 011 234 2125 or email us on and let us give you a feasible solution to your problems. Browse our website for any details on our Construction and Contract Law legal services.

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