Labour Law

The Challenges of Labour Law in South Africa

South Africa has some of the most liberal and progressive Labour Law in the world. Therefore, it can be hard to keep track of how to fully comply with the regulations of labour and employment. It is also very challenging to draw up a contractual agreement between employer and employee while taking the necessary regulations and stipulations into consideration. As a result, employers would commonly take advantage of their ill-informed employees to benefit their own business at the price of their employees.

If you are looking for a firm that can represent you in Labour Lawlitigations and mediations, we are specialists in this domain. We offer the necessary expertise and experience to ensure that we can deliver quality legal services for employees and employers alike. If you earn more than R20 000 per month, we offer our legal services on a “no win, no fee” principle that is subject to our terms and conditions. Therefore, you are assured that we will deliver our best possible services as your legal representation in a legal dispute.

The future is uncertain for the economic structure of South Africa. As a result, most businesses are going to drastic measures to adjust throughout these difficult times. If you are a victim of unjust actions from your employer and want to enter a legal dispute, we can be of assistance. On the other side of the coin, if you are a business owner and unsure of how you can legally proceed with your business, we can deliver solutions to inform you and ensure that your contractual obligations comply with the Labour Law of South Africa.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your boutique firm that offers specialists in Labour Law. Our legal services can ensure that your business complies with the legal regulations of this country. We can also represent you in a legal dispute between employer and employee. For more info on how we can assist you, please browse our website for details, or contact us directly at or on 011 234 2125.

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