Unfair Dismissal

Unfair Dismissals

Are you the victim of an unfair dismissal in South Africa? Allardyce & Partners Attorneys can be of service to you. If you earn more than R20 000 per month, we offer our legal services on a “no win, no fee” policy that adheres to our terms and conditions. Since this country has some of the most liberal labour and employment laws in the world, it can be difficult to comply with them at all times. Therefore, we offer our services to those who have been unfairly dismissed from their positions.

Unfair labour practice and dismissals are common in South Africa, mostly due to the labour and employments laws that are currently in place. These laws can be difficult to comprehend in some cases, making certain legal matters very complex. We offer specialists in this field to ensure that your legal representative in such a matter can give you a clear picture of the legal situation and guide you on how to move forward with the case. Some employers would introduce unfair labour practice into their company and glaze it over as “legal” practices to the employees. This is where unfair dismissals become very common.

Without jumping into too much detail, unfair labour practice and dismissals can become a messy and unpredictable situation without expert legal representation on your side. Our services include legal advice on all areas of labour and employment law to ensure that you can build a case on solid legal facts. Sometimes, employees feel like they have been unfairly dismissed. Our services can give you the clarity to determine whether you have a legal case in the matter to defend yourself in court. Therefore, you can be sure about your case and choose whether to pursue it.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your legal answer to unfair labour practice and dismissals in South Africa. For more info on what we can offer you, please peruse our website for details. Contact us today if you feel like you have been a victim of an unfair dismissal and trust our experts to be your legal representatives in the matter.

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