Construction Law South Africa

Experts in Construction Law in South Africa

Construction is part of the industrial sector in South Africa, with many contractors and sub-contractors in this arena. Project managers are in charge of hiring contractors, on a contractual basis, to work construction projects on-site. With many variables coming into play regarding the contract between the project manager and contractor, things can get complicated regarding obligatory aspects of the Construction and Contract Law in South Africa. Therefore, we offer our legal services to contractors and sub-contractors who want to stand up against unfair non-payment.

In some cases, project managers refuse to pay what is due to contractors, based on Construction Law. When something like this happens, the contractor feels like they do not have the resources to pursue legal action against the project manager/client. Due to a lack of knowledge and funds, most contractors are left with nothing but to take whatever they are paid. Such a situation results in job loss and can also lead to the contractor closing shop completely. Job losses and closing businesses are not healthy for the current state of this country. As a result, we offer a feasible solution for contractors and sub-contractors.

Our boutique firm includes a selection of attorneys, litigators, and professionals in the arena of Construction and Contract Law in South Africa. Therefore, we can supply your business with the knowledge and necessary tools to fight back against unfair payments and treatment. With experts in the legal aspects of such matters, we are confident that we can argue your legal case successfully and settle such a dispute. In fact, we are so confident that we operate on a contingency basis that includes a “no win, no fee” principle. Now, you can fight back against large project managers/clients who think they can get away with unlawful behaviour.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys are your first choice in a boutique law firm that can assist your contractor business. We can assist in settling legal disputes via litigation or arbitration for your business. For more info on how we can help, please peruse our website for details on our services. Stand up and fight for what you are due with us on your side.

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