Unfair Labour Practice

Unfair Labour Practice in South Africa

Unfair labour practice happens when an employer does not adhere to the labour and employment laws in South Africa. Such a work environment can lead to unfair dismissals and other legal problems that require expert legal representation to resolve. Both public and private sectors have been guilty of unfair labour practices, which is directly linked to the progressive and liberal labour laws of this country. Although it can be difficult to comply to these laws, we can be of service to ensure that your business is in line with them.

As an employer, it is challenging to run your business in accordance with each and every current labour and employment law. In some cases, employers might not be aware of their business being guilty of unfair labour practices. We offer professional attorneys who specialise in labour and employment law to ensure that your company is on the right track. Our services include legal advice on every area in this domain of law. We can also draw up contracts for employment, restraints of trade, and confidentiality agreements. Therefore, your business can be run legally and with expert legal advice to move forward.

In many dismissal cases, the employee might feel like they have been unfairly dismissed. In such an event, the employee can pursue legal action against a company. Since unfair labour practice and dismissals are common in South Africa due to the progressive labour laws, we offer our services to ensure that your business does not commit an unfair dismissal. By ensuring that your labour practices and employment contracts adhere to the current labour and employment laws, you can have the peace of mind that your business is on the right path.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your first choice in legal firm regarding labour and employment law in South Africa. Whether you own a business or work as an employee, our legal services can assist you through unfair dismissal and labour practice cases. For more info on how we can represent your case, please peruse our website for details.

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