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Getting Specialist Labour Law Advice

During these challenging times, it can be difficult for businesses to find new and innovative ways to adapt and change the way they operate. The new normal is a scary and confusing concept for many industries, forcing employers to react and adapt to people working from home. However, most employers are stingy regarding these “forced” changes in their industries and businesses. As a result, many employers jump to downsizing their businesses by unfairly retrenching some of their employees. This is where our services come into the picture.

Consulting a Specialist

South Africa already has a very hard-to-comprehend Labour and Employment Law system, which is a challenge on its own. With the added chaos of lockdowns and quarantines, it is a true challenge to determine the legal responsibilities and rights of an employer towards an employee, and vice versa. Therefore, you need a specialist who can consult you on the matters of Labour Law, giving you advice for the road ahead. People who consider any legal action against their employers are too afraid to pursue such actions as they fear for their current employment status or the legal fees that would be involved. We can offer solutions in both matters.

On the Correct Side of Labour Law

When you are considering any legal action against your employer, it is pivotal to consult a Labour Law specialist to determine whether you have a valid case. If you earn more than R20 000 on monthly salary, we can offer our services on a “No win, no fee” principle that is contingent to our terms and conditions of service. When consulting one of our specialists, you can determine the validity of your case before pursuing legal action, based on sound legal advice. Therefore, you can forget about your worries and stand on your rights as an employee when you are on the correct side of the Law.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your boutique firm that offers specialist Labour Law attorneys to assist you through these uncertain times. For more info on how we can be of service, please contact us today on 011 234 2125 or email us at with your enquiries.

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