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The working class is facing tough times with the current situation in South Africa, where uncertainty is settling in about the future of various businesses and industries. Many people faced retrenchment when the initial lockdown was implemented, as many businesses were forced to close their doors for trading. With the easing of the lockdown, several businesses could resume trading under strict and specified rules and safety regulations. This situation created a mass confusion on legalities between employers and employees. Luckily, we offer attorneys who specialise in Labour Law to assist you through these tough and uncertain times.

Understanding Labour Law

South Africa has some of the most liberal and progressive Labour and Employment Law systems in the world. BBEEE is one of the most prevalent examples, leading to many employers and employees being uncertain about their rights in workplace environments. We offer specialists who can assist you in legal disputes and accommodating matters regarding labour laws and your rights as an employee or employer. With us on your side, you can determine whether you can build a legal case, making an informed decision that is based on a specialist’s input before you pursue any legal action.

Taking Legal Action

As an employee who earns more than R20 000 monthly salary, we offer our services on a “No win, No fee” principle, contingent to our terms and conditions. Therefore, you should not worry about spending a proverbial arm and leg on legal fees if you lose your case. Taking legal action against an employer is a serious step that could lead to you losing your job, which is why we offer specialist labour attorneys to ensure that you can be on the right side of the law throughout such a process. Although many employers think that they are allowed to retrench their employees on a limb, there are several legal elements to retrenchment that include the rights of the employee.

If you need a specialist labour attorney, Allardyce & Partners is your first choice. We offer a boutique firm that can cater to your needs regarding Labour and Employment Law in South Africa. For more info on how we can assist, please contact us today on 011 234 2125 or email us at

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