Labour Law in South Africa

South Africa’s Labour and Employment Law Challenges

South Africa is known for its progressive and very liberal approach to Labour and Employment Law. With the COVID-19 outbreak adding even more uncertainty, many people have already lost their jobs because of trade restrictions and social distancing. Both elements deliver a deadly combination, where most employers are uncertain on how they can legally act to adjust for the effects of the lockdown on their businesses. As a result, many people’s jobs were put in jeopardy because of the reaction of employers to restricted trade and the initial loss of income for their businesses.

Both employer and employee have rights during these troubling times. Although everything seems uncertain right now, the law is still in effect regarding labour and employment. South Africa is facing an unprecedented challenge, and we are in it together. Therefore, we encourage employers to consult with their employees to get an alternative solution as opposed to retrenchment. In the sector where employees can work from home, it is encouraged that employers make such adjustments for their businesses. In physical work environments, there will be some additional health and safety precautions to ensure that employees are safe at work.

We are a boutique firm that offers specialists in labour law in South Africa. If you find yourself in a legal dispute with an employer, we can be of service to ensure that you are on the right side of the law during such a dispute. If you feel like you have been illegally retrenched during the lockdown period, we recommend that you seek legal consultation to establish your case. We can assist in such matters as well, ensuring that you have a strong case before pursuing any legal action.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your partner in labour law in South Africa. If you require specialists in labour and employment law, please browse our website today for details on how we can assist you. You can contact us directly on 011 234 2125 or email us at as well. Choose us as your legal partners throughout these troubling times in South Africa.

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