Alternative Dispute Resolution

Feasible Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Arbitration and mediation are both ways to settle a legal dispute without the need to take matters to court. Both methods are sought after to avoid costly legal fees when dealing with disputes between 2 parties. With court-annexed mediation being introduced in South Africa at the end of 2014, the mediation process has become a viable method of settling legal disputes and is encouraged in smaller legal matters. Mediation allows the parties to determine their own outcomes, which is very helpful in smaller disputes between parties.

Labour law is a delicate matter for most working-class people with full-time jobs. Mediation is a feasible alternative dispute resolution to avoid any public farces and expensive legal fees in smaller matters between employee and employer. It also keeps the legal dispute within a controlled setting, which can drastically improve negotiations between the 2 parties. At the end of the day, a settlement between the parties must be reached. Through mediation, such a settlement can have beneficial outcomes for both parties and is controlled by the involved parties as opposed to a judge.

Arbitrations are also viable methods of alternative legal dispute resolution between 2 parties. We offer our services for commercial, construction, and labour law disputes as well. Arbitrations are effective dispute resolution methods for smaller legal matters in these arenas. We offer a boutique firm of professionals who are experts in their respective fields of law to assist in such matters. Therefore, your business can save a ton of money in legal fees by opting for an arbitrary settlement between 2 parties. Our experts can help negotiate such a dispute with valuable legal advice and input to argue your case and reach a settlement on legal terms.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your solution to alternative dispute resolutions for commercial, labour, family, and construction law. For more info on how we can assist you in legal matters, please peruse our website for details on our services. Leave the legal matters to the professionals to reach an agreeable settlement through mediation or arbitration means.

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