Your Solution to Construction Law Experts in South Africa

Construction and Contractual Laws in South Africa raise several challenges for contractors and sub-contractors that could have legal implications regarding contractual obligations and non-payment from clients and project managers. If you are looking for Construction Law specialists in South Africa, Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your solution! We offer a comprehensive approach to our legal services – ensuring that you can trust our experts to provide you with the necessary legal advice and tools and in certain circumstances representation where this may not have been financially possible before.

Taking Legal Action – Risk Mitigation

One of the main reasons for contractors and sub-contractors not taking legal action against clients or project managers comes down the lack of financial resources to pay legal fees. This means more often than not that as the smaller contractors rely on one project to usually fund the next project and or for survival the inability to protect one’s interests in these circumstances and be paid what is due to you, the small contractor, inevitably sees these smaller contractors go out of business and with that the associated job losses. At Allardyce & Partners Attorneys, we offer legal representation on a “no win, no fee” (contingency,), subject to terms and conditions, thus affording you the contractor a fair opportunity to either prosecute your claim or defend any claim and thus giving you the peace of mind to be able to enforce your rights without the weighty burden of extensive legal fees if you lose your case. With our experts in your corner, you can trust that we will give you our best when representing you in a legal dispute.

Accommodating Legal Services

Apart from legal representation, we can also assist your business with standardised contracts and deliver legal advice that is aligned with the latest developments in the construction sector in South Africa. Our Construction and Contractual Laws specialists can truly make a difference in how you approach construction projects and run your business to ensure that you can comprehend your contractual obligations and avoid any breaches from your side. We are familiar with the challenges that contractors face, especially when it comes to non-payment and contractual breaches. Therefore, we can give you a fighting chance when faced with a contractual breach that leads to a legal dispute.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your first choice when you need Construction and Contractual Laws specialists in South Africa. Please contact us directly on 011 234 2125 or email us at or to enquire about our legal services and how we can assist your business today.

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