Specialists in Construction Law in Gauteng

The new year is in full swing, and the construction industry is back from their Builders’ Break, entering yet another year of uncertainty regarding COVID-19 regulations, mandatory vaccination policies, and everything else that come along with this virus. There are several reasons for construction contractors to feel the pressure and stress during these times, trying to avoid any delays that could lead to contractual breaches. Luckily, if you need experts in Construction and Contract Law in Gauteng, Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your solution.

The Challenges of the Construction Industry

Project managers and clients hire contractors and sub-contractors to complete specific constructions within a timeframe that is legally binding and part of the contractual agreement between these parties. Such an agreement also includes the amount of money that is payable to the contractor – money on which the contractor relies on to complete the project in time. In the common case where the project manager/client is not willing to pay the agreed-upon amount in time, it could cause project delays and contractual breaches. This is where our legal services becomes a feasible solution for construction contractors.

No Win, No Fee

The payment of expensive legal fees is one of the most common fears for contractors and sub-contractors when faced with a possible legal dispute regarding late or non-payment, as there is a chance that they might lose their case. That fear is thrown off the table with Allardyce & Partners, as we can represent your case on a “no win, no fee” basis that is tied to our terms and conditions. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that we will give you our very best when arguing your case in a legal dispute, and that your business can still move forward if you lose the case.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your first choice when you need Construction and Contract Law specialists in Gauteng. Please contact us on 011 234 2125 or email us at enquiries@allardyce.co.za today if you need our assistance.

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