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The COVID-19 outbreak has the world in a panic, as countries have implemented various restrictions and regulations to contain the virus and ensure that it does not spread like wildfire. In South Africa, the lockdown has forced businesses to close their doors for trading, which led to employers retrenching their employees. Many people lost their jobs illegally, as there was no form of mediation to find an alternative way around the lockdown. If you are looking for specialist labour lawyers who can advise you throughout these unsure and troubling times, we are your answer.

South Africa has a very progressive and liberal approach to Labour and Employment Law. With COVID-19 coming into the fray, it can be exceedingly difficult to understand what is required from both employer and employee regarding their legal responsibilities. Therefore, if you have lost your job in an unfair or illegal manner, you need a specialist labour lawyer on your side. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your actions are fair and within the legal parameters when reducing your workforce during the lockdown period.

As the restrictions are systematically lifted, businesses will be allowed to trade again in accordance to their specific sector. The workplace must adapt to the new health and safety regulations to ensure that COVID-19 does not spread uncontrollably. In the case where employees can work from home, employers are encouraged to allow their employees to stay home and stay safe throughout the lockdown period. If you find yourself in a legal dispute and in need of a specialist labour lawyer, we have you covered.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your first choice in specialist labour lawyers in South Africa. For more info on how we can assist you on legal matters regarding employment and labour law, please browse our website for details, or feel free to contact us directly on 011 234 2125 or email us at Stand on your rights as an employee with us on your side, and ensure a bright future for you and your career.

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