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Specialist Labour Lawyers

South Africa is a country with progressive and liberal labour laws, some of the most progressive in the world. As a result, it becomes challenging to comply to these laws, whether you are an employer or employee. Therefore, various disputes come to light within the workplace. Sometimes, such disputes are escalated to legal levels, where they are settled through arbitration or taken to court. In both cases, our selection of specialised labour lawyers can be of assistance in defending your case. We cover a wide selection of legal services regarding labour law in South Africa.

As registered specialists on labour law with the Law Society, we are confident in our ability to defend our clients. In fact, we offer a “no win, no pay” policy that is in line with our service terms and conditions. If you earn upwards of R 20 000 per month, we can legally defend your case and will charge legal fess on the condition that we win the case. As stipulated by our terms and conditions, you can take advantage of our policy to get the most from our legal services.

Our long list of services for labour and employment law disputes includes advising on and drawing up employment contracts. This is the primary legal agreement between employer and employee and must adhere to the labour laws of South Africa. We can also facilitate in trade of confidentiality agreements between parties. These agreements can become very tricky without professional and experienced labour lawyers to assist in these matters. We also offer legal advice on all areas of labour and employment law to arm you with the necessary knowledge before creating a dispute and building a case.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your answer to professional labour lawyers and services in the domain of labour and employment law. For more info on how we can help you, please peruse our website for details on our legal services. Be on the right side of the law with labour disputes by choosing us as your legal representatives.

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