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HR Consulting and Labour Law Services to South African Companies

Professional legal HR consulting is essential for enterprises operating in South Africa. Numerous laws govern employer and employee relationships, safety of employees at the workplace, the right to strike, remuneration, appointments and dismissals. In addition, changes in legislation must be kept in mind and it is thus essential to make use of experienced labour law firms such as Allardyce & Partners offering a full range of legal and HR consulting services to help your firm stay on the right side of the law.

Who We Are

We are a legal firm specialising in all aspects of employment and labour law. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced attorneys assisted by candidate attorneys, in addition to teams of paralegals and support staff. As such, we have the manpower and expertise to handle everything from small cases to large complex litigation issues.

Since we specialise in labour and employment law, we invest a lot of time in researching, keeping up to date and understanding all aspects governing the work relationships between employers and employees. Working with both employers and employees afford us insight regarding the challenges that both sides face, thereby giving us a competitive edge when it comes to HR consulting expertise.

Our Range of Services

We provide our HR consulting services to employers and employer organisations in addition to services such as legal advice and litigation assistance. When it comes to employees our services extend to bargaining councils, CCMA representation, labour appeals, litigation and legal advice. Employers also benefit from our legal expertise when it comes to hiring practices, correct retrenchment procedures and HR relations. Whether employers need guidance regarding background checks, employment contracts or polygraph tests, they can rely on our expertise.

Our Fees

We work on a “no win, no fee” basis for employees, making it possible for employees to get top legal representation without the risk of high legal costs and not getting a reasonable outcome.  When it comes to employers, we set up written agreements in complete compliance with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act.

Closer Look at HR Consulting Services

We provide legal guidance to employers regarding aspects of employment such as structuring of medical insurance, retirement planning, group medical and insurance benefits and various incentive schemes. It is imperative to follow the best practices in HR and with us as your legal firm you can be assured that you will have access to guidance and support regarding effective dispute resolution. Our expertise is valuable in terms of group risk benefits and aspects regarding complaints by employees, representations to the Financial Services Board, and representation in the Labour Court.

Our clients benefit from our legal expertise regarding the reviewing, drafting and interpretation of contracts, empowerment schemes, and equity incentive schemes. Clients furthermore benefit from our litigation and dispute resolution experience on aspects such as strikes, CCMA reviews, collective bargaining, dismissals, discrimination cases, and disputes over retirement benefits.

We effectively provide and facilitate alternative dispute resolution processes, including expert determination, fact finding, judicial appraisal, tribunals, mediation and intervention.

Apart from our normal range of litigation and HR consulting services we provide training in the form of workshops and seminars to clients on various aspects of labour and employment law.  Keep up to date with legislative changes, best practices and ways to handle disputes through our training options.

As an employer you will have to deal with disputes, disgruntled employees, dismissals, discrimination amongst co-workers, workplace injuries and strikes. Become proactive rather than reacting to a crisis. Experience the full benefits of having expert labour and employment lawyers to advice and represent your firm. Contact us for more information on our HR consulting and labour law services and benefit from our affordable pricing structures.


*NB this article is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. You are advised to consult with us before using/relying on this information.

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