Construction Law

Challenges for the Construction Industry in 2021

The construction industry in South Africa took a big hit in 2020, forced to a complete standstill during the level-5 lockdown periods. Unfortunately, this industry does not have the luxury of working from home and communicating via the internet. Therefore, the risk of spreading COVID-19 among a workforce simply became too large to ignore. As a result, construction sites are forced to adapt to create a safer environment for their workforce and avoid any legal implications linked with occupational health and safety.

The Importance of Occupational Health and Safety

From a legal point of view, construction sites are required to provide a safe work environment for their workforce. Currently, this also implies that construction sites must comply with current COVID-19 regulations and protocols. These regulations are pivotal, creating the possibility of the construction law in South Africa being changed or revised to include such regulations permanently. Contractual law in the construction industry is already prone to misinterpretation, causing some confusion on how these laws can be applied regarding legal responsibilities and obligations from involved parties. Therefore, you require professional construction law specialists to assist you when faced with a legal dispute in this domain.

Construction Law Specialists

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is a boutique firm that offers specialists in construction and contractual law in South Africa. We are also specialists in labour and employment law, able to assist the construction sector in a comprehensive manner. Therefore, if you are a construction contractor or an employee, our legal services can assist you regarding contract breaches, insurance law issues, penalty clauses, and occupational health and safety issues. We can also provide our legal services on a “no win, no fee” principle, which is subject to our terms and conditions and available upon application.

For details on how Allardyce & Partners Attorneys can assist you, feel free to contact us on 011 234 2125 or email us at for more info. If you need a specialist on your side, we can be there throughout legal disputes and other legal services.

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