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Why Businesses Should Hire a Labour Lawyer in South Africa

Trying to avoid a repeat of last year when you found yourself on the wrong side of the LRA and had to pay out a whopping 24 or 12 months’ salary to an employee that did more wrong than good. While you may be feeling like the CCMA is a lot more one-sided than they’d ever care to admit, the truth is with well over 18 million employed South Africans, it’s not hard for employers to find themselves in the hot seat at CCMA, the Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court, or the bargaining council. Fortunately, thanks to the protection of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act No 75 of 1997), both employers and employees are well protected in South Africa.

Even the Most Vigilant Employers Can Make the Wrong Impulsive Decisions

A State founded on the principles of a constitutional democracy, South African Labour Law governs the relationship between employer and employee in both the private and public sectors, as well as both the individual and the collective employment contracts. Yes, workplace conflicts and disputes are common practice in South Africa today. In fact, employees at all levels are aware that they can bring a case against an employer who has treated them unfairly, and at no cost to them either. What this means is that even the most vigilant of employers can make the wrong impulsive decisions and need help from a labour lawyer. While you may be able to handle some workplace issues without help, some disputes are best left to the experts, and here’s why…

Labour Lawyers Deal with Laws, Codes, Disputes and Strikes

Driven by government to protect workers’ rights, address historical imbalances and fuel employment, labour law demands knowledge on a variety of distinct rules, laws and regulations within the workplace. A multifaceted practice, written in such a way, that it can have any employer scratching their head in confusion and frustration – a labour lawyer can cut through all the legal jargon so that you can understand and make the best decision for your business.

Keeping clients at the forefront of developments in employment laws, new legislation and training, not only can they provide assistance with complicated labour laws and jargon, but they also offer expert advice and services that range from the following:

  • Advice and drawing of employment contracts, restraints of trade or confidentiality agreements.
  • Attending to all aspects of Health and Safety requirements and environment law.
  • Chairing of disciplinary enquiries, as well as prosecuting on behalf of the employer and representation of employees (when permitted) in internal grievance and/or disciplinary enquiries/ incapacity enquires (medical/ performance/compatibility etc.).
  • Consulting services on all aspects of HR and IR.
  • Disputes relating to restraints or confidentiality.
  • Drawing codes and policies and procedures manuals, as well as the induction and training of staff.
  • In-house training and facilitation on BBBEE, Skills Development and Employment Equity.
  • Legal advice on all areas of labour and employment law.
  • Legal representation at CCMA, Bargaining Councils, Labour Courts, Labour Appeal Court, High Courts and the Supreme Court of Appeals and the Constitutional Court.
  • Organisational development.
  • Probationary employee disputes.
  • Strikes and picketing.
  • Unfair dismissal disputes.
  • Unfair labour practice disputes.


About Allardyce & Partners

Registered as a team of expert labour lawyers with the Law Society, we are a boutique law firm that specialises in labour law and employment law. As a registered team of labour lawyers with the Law Society, we act on behalf of both employers and employees in the private and public sector. As such, we are well-equipped to deal with any dispute that may arise out of the employment relationship. Taking great pride in our specialised labour law services, not only do we have the expertise, understanding and compassion, but we also have the legal muscle to deal with every type of workplace matter. To hire a labour lawyer in South Africa, chat to us today.

For more information on our labour law consultation services and rates – contact us at or on 011 234 2125 today.


NB: This article is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. You are advised to consult with us before using/relying on this information.

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