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Protect Your Business Against Disputes with Expert Labour Law Services

Have you been hit with a serious workplace dispute with which you need urgent help? Considering that up to 97% of businesses lose their Labour Relations Act and Basic Conditions of Employment Act cases at the CCMA, business really cannot afford to take any chances. The reality is that today, businesses need to tread very carefully in the way they treat their employees. In South Africa, employees have certain rights and South Africa’s constitution ensures that these rights are protected.

A multifaceted approach, driven by the government to protect workers’ rights, balances out the master-servant relationship, ensures that workers are not exploited, protects the employer’s productivity and profits, and referees the relationship between employees, employers, and trade unions. Clearly, labour law is an important part of running any business. In fact, there are many requirements of labour law that must be met, so much so that many employers often don’t realise how many rules and regulations there are, leading to uncertainty, confusion, and often great financial loss.

With over 18 million employed people in South Africa, workplace conflicts and disputes are extremely commonplace. In fact, the CCMA deals with over 100 000 cases relating to unfair labour practices each year. Too many businesses still don’t think twice before dismissing an employee, and as a result, they are often forced to cough up large amounts in compensation. Where are these businesses going wrong? While dismissals are common practice, employees don’t necessarily lose their cases because they dismissed the employee; they lose because they never followed the correct dismissal procedure, and this is why it is of vital importance for businesses to protect themselves against disputes with expert labour law services.

In South Africa, not only is important that employees follow procedures, but it is of vital importance that employers stay current with all aspects of labour law, so they can provide a favourable working environment for employees as well as make certain that employees understand their rights and what is expected of them in the workplace. Failure to abide by these workplace laws can easily cost employers dearly. Expert labour law services can assist you with the BCEA, Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases, Employment Equity, LRA, Occupational Health and Safety, Skills Development, the constitution (Bill of Rights), and UIF, along with cutting through all the legal jargon stipulated in acts and laws. In addition, labour law services go a long way in assisting with the following too:

  • Advice and the drawing up of contracts, restraints of trade, or confidentiality agreements;
  • Attending to health and safety requirements and environment law;
  • Chairing of disciplinary enquiries, prosecuting on behalf of the employer, representation of employees in internal grievances, disciplinary enquiries, and incapacity enquires;
  • Consulting services on all aspects of HR and IR;
  • Disputes relating to restraints or confidentiality;
  • Drawing up codes, policies, procedures, and manuals, as well as the induction and training of staff;
  • Employment equity;
  • In-house training and facilitation on BBBEE;
  • Skills development;
  • Legal representation at the CCMA, bargaining councils, labour courts, the Labour Appeal Court, high courts, the Supreme Court of Appeal, and the Constitutional Court;
  • Organisational development;
  • Probationary employee disputes;
  • Retrenchments;
  • Strikes and picketing;
  • Unfair dismissal disputes; and
  • Unfair labour practice disputes.

To avoid a trip to the CCMA, it is always best to do the necessary to protect your business. At Allardyce & Partners, we believe that prevention is better than cure and it’s of vital importance that all the proper procedures are adhered to and rules followed. Boasting a formidable reputation complemented with the backing of an exceptional team of attorneys and paralegals, we provide employers, employees, trade unions, and employer organisations legal advice and representation at the CCMA, Bargaining Councils, and in the Labour Court. Whether you’re looking for labour law services to assist with a CCMA hearing, or with setting up labour policies, procedures and best practices that are in line with the current codes of practice, we are the boutique labour law firm that can do it all.

For more information about our expert labour law services and rates, contact us at or on 011 234 2125 today.


NB: this article is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. You are advised to consult with us before using/relying on this information.

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