Disciplinary Hearing

Your Solution to Legal Representation for Disciplinary Hearings

The Employment and Labour Law arena in South Africa is considered one of the most liberal and progressive legal arenas in the world. Therefore, many disputes between employer and employee arise. Such disputes are commonly settled through arbitrations, avoiding the court and the legal fees involved in such matters. However, by setting up a disciplinary hearing, the advantage goes to the employer and their team of legal representatives who can just bully the employee if they choose to do so. This is where we can step in and offer our expert legal services in this matter.

Many employees in South Africa are scared to lose their jobs, since jobs are scarce and the laws surrounding employment and labour are not ideal. Therefore, when an employer threatens an employee with a disciplinary hearing, the employee feels like they are obligated to adhere to whatever is decided in such a hearing. The outcome can be completely illegal without the employee even knowing it. Yet, they will agree to the outcome to keep their job and ensure that they can still get a salary.

Our boutique firm offers experts in the arena of Labour and Employment Law. We operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, adhering to our terms and conditions, to ensure that an employee can enlist our services for a disciplinary hearing. The largest risk when seeking legal advice and council is the legal fees involved in such a process. With our contingency, you can be guaranteed that we will do our best to win such a dispute and ensure that you get a fair and legal decision. Now, you can walk into that disciplinary hearing with an expert on your side.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your first choice regarding disciplinary hearings. We fight for the employee that has been treated unfairly in their workplace. For more info on how we can assist you in these matters, please contact us today. Stand up and fight for yourself and your position in a company on a legal front with us on your side.

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