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The largest part of the construction industry adheres to internationally standardised rules and regulations. These standards must be enforced and upheld by involved parties to avoid accidents and adhere to payments and policies. Construction Law is a branch of law that specifically focuses on these elements. If you are in the industry and in need of a qualified attorney that can plea your case, Allardyce & Partners Attorneys can be of service. We offer specialist services to ensure that our clients receive the quality legal services and advice when choosing us.

Our team has a unique selection of professionals regarding Construction Law. We offer attorneys, litigators, and construction professionals that are specialists in Construction and Contract Law for a comprehensive approach to cover every necessary aspect. We also offer litigation services on behalf of contractors and sub-contractors on a contingency basis. These services are available on application and subject to the according terms and conditions. We can assist in arbitrations or litigations for the compensation of damages, giving you the choice to either settle a dispute outside of court, or taking a dispute to the courtroom for further legal action.

In South Africa, we witness a trend where project managers or personal clients would refuse to pay what is due to contractors and sub-contractors in the field of construction. This leads to the contractors not making enough money to keep their businesses running, which leads to lay-offs and the possibility of going bankrupt. Our services are offered on a No Win, No Fee principle for litigations and arbitrations. Subject to our terms and conditions, we can ease the burden that unnecessary legal fees can add on top of such a dire situation. Our attorneys can assist your business in the field of Construction and Contract Law to settle an agreement between the 2 parties through either arbitration or litigation.

Choose Allardyce & Partners Attorneys for your legal solutions regarding Construction and Contract Law today. We can make a difference in your business with our selection of professional attorneys and litigators to resolve legal matters and get a fair settlement between the involved parties. For more info, please contact us directly. 

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