Construction Disputes

Settling A Legal Dispute in the Construction Industry

The construction law in South Africa can be confusing and misleading at times, leading to clients and project managers taking advantage of such a system against contractors and sub-contractors. As a result, the workers are not paid fairly, and the reasoning is based on various elements of the construction law. In such a scenario, the contractors feel obligated to accept the outcome as it stands. An underpaid business will eventually run out of resources, which means that the business will go bankrupt and the employees will be without jobs. This is where we can assist you on a legal front.

Our boutique firm includes attorneys, litigators, and construction professionals who are experts in the arena of construction law. If you find yourself in an unfair or unjust legal dispute as a contractor or sub-contractor, we can represent you legally to ensure that fair payment is made for work done. We operate on a “no win, no fee” basis that is contingent to our terms and conditions. Therefore, you have nothing to lose when acquiring our services to settle such a dispute between a project manager/client and a contractor/sub-contractor.

We offer our services on our “no win, no fee” basis for arbitrations and/or litigations for damages to ensure that you get the fair end of the deal. Our professional legal services in this matter comply with the Construction Industry Development Board Act and its regulations regarding construction law in South Africa. Since this specific arena of law is flexible, you need experts on your side to guarantee that the outcome is fair and just. To attempt to settle an unfair dispute in your advantage is always risky, especially with the legal fees involved for the losing party. Our solution removes such a risk.

Allardyce & Partners Attorneys is your first choice regarding legal disputes in the arena of Construction Law. For more info on how we can assist your business, please peruse our website for details. Take advantage of our expertise today and start fighting the good fight for your business and employees.

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