The Construction Platform

The Construction Platform

The Construction Law Platform is a unique retainer-based legal service, with a particular emphasis on construction law and labour law that is offered to businesses operating within the construction and allied industries.
The Construction Law Platform evolved as a means to address an urgent need for businesses within this industry to have to affordable specialised legal services to meet the day-to-day compliance and legal challenges as well as enforcement of their rights for example to be paid.

    The Construction Law Platform is a retainer based system which is designed to meet your specific legal and financial requirements. In other words you decide what to pay*.

    Our services are accessible to all and is on a monthly retainer basis at a significantly lower rate than your average legal specialist in this industry who charge anything from R3000.00 per hour upwards.

    Dependent on your needs and budget, you determine upfront what services your business needs and how many hours per month you think will be necessary to have access to the legal services.

    An additional unique feature is that The Construction Law Platform offers you “the Use it or Bank it” fee system.

    If you don’t use the service in any one month you can bank the number of hours that you have paid for and carry over to the next month.

    Let me explain using our example of the three hour retainer. If you do not use the service at all during the first month, the three hours is carried over to the second month which means that you have access to legal services for six hours in the second month. (Laura can we possibly add in a little pictorial to explain this rather?)

    This is subject to you paying the retainer on the first day of the second month and successive months but you have banked your retainer services from the first month.

    We have developed this unique retainer system because we understand that in business as in life it is important to plan ahead and to ensure that when you need legal services you have the ability to access them. The “use it or bank it” feature remains available to you and your business so long as you are a member of the platform. If the membership is terminated for whatever reason you lose this unique feature
    We provide legal services in respect of all construction law (in respect of but not limited to the JBCC, Fidic and NEC suite of contracts) and labour law challenges that you may meet such as but not limited to: Central repository of the construction and employment contracts (depending on the plan that you choose this may mean simply retention of the contracts or may include review and advise); Pre-Tender (RTT) (open or closed) advise; Mediation; Arbitration (including in terms of the Arbitration Act or LRA); Adjudication;

    Whilst the services that we offer are of a legal nature we see ourselves more as your legal business partner going forward.
    Any company/person/joint venture that operates within the construction and allied industries irrespective of whether your business is in large or small scale construction.
    Our website is : You can simply register and join directly from our website.

    Alternatively you can contact our offices on 011 – 234-2125 or to arrange for a consultation should you wish to meet the attorneys before joining The Platform.
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