Do you have to be consulted before being retrenched?

This it would seem to be an obvious right however employees should be cautioned that this right may not necessarily mean that the employee needs to be personally consulted with before been retrenched. AMCU launched an application for the reinstatement of some of its members who were retrenched following a retrenchment agreement that was concluded

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Labour Law Specialists

Labour Law Specialists in South Africa The labour law in South Africa has some of the most liberal and progressive laws for employers and employees. Therefore, these laws are constantly misinterpreted as employers and employees struggle to keep up with it all. These laws can also be difficult to comprehend as to how it applies

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Construction Law Attorney

Construction Law Attorneys South Africa’s construction and contract law arenas can be very tricky to navigate without a professional by your side. A common trend in this country sees clients/project managers not paying what is due to contractors/sub-contractors. Our boutique firm offers specialist construction law attorneys to legally represent parties that have fallen victim to

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Construction Law South Africa

Construction Law Specialists in South Africa Construction law in South Africa is flexible and sometimes left to interpretation if you are not a specialist in this arena. Obligations and rights regularly evolve and change in this specific arena. Construction law bases itself on contractual principles of rights and duties of the contracting parties. These can

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Disciplinary Hearing

The Employment and Labour Law arena in South Africa is considered one of the most liberal and progressive legal arenas in the world.

Construction Arbitrators

Many contractors and sub-contractors suffer in silence over unfair outcomes between them and clients/project managers.